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Rainbows (as seen through the lens of a 96 year old)

Rainbows (as seen through the lens of a 96 year old)

Rainbows (as seen through the lens of a 96 year old) 

The front porch of the ranch house faces East where the high plains fall away from the Crazy Mountains.  It may be the most magical spot I have ever seen for rainbow watching.  I can almost predict which rains and temperature shifts will create the kaleidoscope. The rainbows are almost complete and more times than not doubles.

After an unexpected afternoon rain last week my mother and I were watching the waning sun throw streams of light across the prairie and a spectacular rainbow arched from the butte to infinity.  We were staring as the arc became thick and bright and then pale and thin before ending with a brilliant array.  At times it lost its touch with the earth and then reconnected.  

“My life has been like a rainbow,” Joy said.  “It started in one place but you never really know where it is going to end.  Some days are vibrant and others not so much.  But at the end of it all you can look back at a life that bursts forth with color, reaches for the heavens, and finally returns you to earth.  I find comfort in that.” 

So the next time you see a rainbow….well you’ll know what to think about.   


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